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Lost: wormhole

13 August 2012

Lost Wormhole

Not entirely sure where we first found this. Possibly this Facebook page. Possibly not.

The Nesting Instinct

11 November 2010

From the New Yorker, 04/10/10

New Yorker cartoon: Russian Doll has a pregnancy scan

Time is Recursive

27 September 2010

Look at this beautiful Droste-effect wristwatch:

Image of wristwatch face altered to form a Droste-effect inward spiral

More available at fpsurgeon’s flickr site

No words can express what I feel about this and these words do not express it perfectly.

Click on the image to start:

(Where credit is due is to Geriatric Punks: the boys who used to make mix tapes for girls)


3 April 2010

If TLA is a recursive acronym, it must also be allowed that T-shirt is a self-describing word. And just look at this T-shirt:

T-shirt with droste-effect picture of the wearer in a T-shirt...

photo credit: paulandstorm