A bootstrapping fellow

10 July 2017

munchausenOn another occasion I wished to jump across a lake. When I was in the middle of it, I found it was much larger than I had imagined at first. So I at once turned back in the middle of my leap, and returned to the bank I had just left, to take a stronger spring. The second time, however, I again took off badly, and fell in up to my neck. I should, beyond any doubt, have come to an untimely end, had I not, by the force of my unaided arm, lifted up my pig-tail, together with my horse, whom I gripped tightly with my knees.

E. Raspe, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.


Readers may be interested in the call for papers for Trópos. Rivista di ermeneutica e critica filosofica on the topic of self-reference from which this passage was excepted: https://troposonline.org/forthcoming/

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