Beware of the Sign

4 March 2010

Lushlush writes:

Owwww, my head….”

self-referential warning sign over escalator

Describing a warning sign hanging over an escalator: “..the sign is comical in itself: stick figure rides up the escalator and bumps his head on a hanging sign, the impact causing VIOLENT RED RAYS OF PAIN. Beware! All is well and good until, armed with a newfound caution, you look around for the offending object and realize that IT’S A SIGN ABOUT THE SIGN ITSELF”

Full story and other pictures – including a photoshopped infinitely-recursive version here


2 Responses to “Beware of the Sign”

  1. This reminds me that somewhere in England is a sign that reads, “Do not throw stones at this notice.”

  2. rickkurshen Says:

    The “Do not throw stones…” sign in question has been extensively discussed in Notes and Queries in the Guardian newspaper.

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